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Hearing is Believing, with our voice activated career networking app for Millennials.

It’s as easy as Talking

Meet your voice activated personal career assistant (Kaya), experience companies and their culture before you work there, and interact with a global career network that drives you each step of the way.

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Speak your career dream into existence with Kaya

Meet Kaya. Your Voice Activated Personal Career Assistant. Kaya has a charming British accent and takes intelligence to a higher level – utilizing A.I., machine/deep learning and data science to automate networking and introductions to companies, jobs, live events and other members. There’s a science to finding the right career fit, it's not just theoretical. Our algorithm performs qualitative analysis of your industry, experience, skills, interests, goals, and social data. Using that data, Kaya procures and handpicks amazing jobs and companies you’d love to be a part of based on your calculated cultural fit. Kaya coaches you every step of the way from interview prep and onboarding to analyzing your career trajectory and planning your next move.

Experience a company’s culture before you work there.

You are a talented person with diverse interests, not a resume. And companies aren’t big, scary logos. They are eco-systems of exciting talented people who want to make an impact alongside other amazing people. Kaya introduces you to the people who make brands come to life and helps determine if their culture and focus is right for you. Our interactive employer profiles include Virtual Tours, augmented reality experiences like “A day in the life”, live events, and a transparent recruiting model that moves you along seamlessly from applying to onboarding with real-time updates.

Continuously engage your career network

Yuemey is a mobile-first social career platform that utilizes micro-apps to create unique experiences for every member. Whether you’re a Professional, Recruiter, Student, Entrepreneur, or Investor - you'll have a tailored experience based on a feature-set that best fits you. This helps Kaya automate introductions to other members who will inspire you to succeed. After all, getting the job is just the first step. Kaya supports your goals and continues to guide you along your entire career journey. Finally, a modern way to manage your career identity and relationships. It’s as easy as talking.

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" Finally an app that allows me to showcase who I am as a professional, love it!! Resumes are dead and past experience doesn't predict future performance. Companies need help finding people who truly want to be on their teams. "

Julia Serrano

Head of People Altrius

" We admire and support Yuemey's initiative in utilizing A.I. to create a more efficient and personable way for members to connect via advanced location, suggested contacts, careers, and groups features. "

Carrie Wiley

Public Relations Manager GoodCall

" With it's human touch and forthcoming technical features, Yuemey will revolutionize the way members and companies communicate with one another. We're eager early adopters! "

Greg Clarkin

Senior Talent Specialist Kayak

" Great App. Amazing App. Just what my group was looking for. It's like Slack, LinkedIn, What's App, and Instagram all in one!! "

Nurys Camargo

Founder Chica Project

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