Do you know the cost of Millennial turnover?
We do.  

Yuemey automates employee engagement and creates corporate cultures people love which increases retention and saves companies millions.


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Young professional turnover costs companies $216b/yr.

71% of young professionals (half or more of your workforce) will leave in less than two years because they don’t feel engaged or valued, and the turnover costs add up. At Yuemey, our vision is to create a world where everyone wakes up excited to pursue their dreams and to make an impact in their companies, communities and lives. We believe companies have unlimited potential to lead this transformation, and when our customers succeed using our technology, we all succeed together.


Automate Engagement for Every Employee with KayaKaya

The career of a young professional is demanding; always on the go, traveling, working remotely, often on client sites wondering how to spend the evening – which is why they need Kaya, our voice enabled personal career coach. Kaya automates introductions to colleagues with similar goals, interests and career paths, and invites employees to Live Company Events and local meet-ups that are tailored to drive engagement and inspire them to network with their team. After all, happy employees are more productive, stay longer and yield a higher return on your investment.


Build a culture People love
that’s tailored to your brand.

Yuemey creates kickass corporate cultures that inspire people to stay and make a long-term impact. Yuemey gives young professionals, and senior leaders alike, what they want most: a sense of purpose, transparency, access to amazing people, clear pathways to advance, recognition, and alignment with corporate values. We bring your culture to life by putting your people front and center – utilizing them as brand ambassadors to engage new members of your team.


Assess your talents’ FitScore with Metrics to drive advancement.

Companies need metrics to assess each employee’s value and ways to assess who’s ready to advance. Promoting from within costs far less than external recruiting. But companies don’t always know what kinds of challenges employees want to take on, who might be the best fit across divisions, or how to assess people’s total value and alignment to their mission. Yuemey has a smart solution that takes intelligence to a higher level – utilizing A.I., machine/deep learning and data science. We created FitScores that indicate matches for employees to new roles and recognizes their full impact. Our algorithm performs qualitative analysis of their performance, skills, interests, future goals and leadership involvement. FitScores also empower employees to identify clear pathways to grow their career.


Get Your Company Started with Yuemey!

Yuemey engages every employee starting the moment they arrive. Young professionals want to feel empowered, to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves, and to work alongside amazing people who help them make an impact. Yuemey helps our customers provide a warm welcome by automating introductions to team members and other groups – who give welcome gifts, badges, personalized notes, and invites to meetups, coffee and bagels.   


Meet The Team

Co-Founder, CEO
Increased Millennial Engagement by
1,000% @ Brandeis University
45% (nationally) for
35% @ Bentley University

Street Cred:
Performed at a RUN DMC concert
Board, Eastern Association of Colleges & Employers 
Co-Founder, CPO/CTO 
Created Mobile Products @
eBay (Ralph Lauren, Toys R Us,
Chase (Jott Mobile, Disney)
Comcast (Xfinity Home)

Street Cred:
Launched a sports SaaS company
Summited Mount Kilimanjaro  

Advisory Board

Founder, Fownders 
Serial Entrepreneur
EliteDaily (Co-founded, Sold for $50M)
Fownders (Launched Accelerator)
@GerardAdams (300k+ Followers)

Street Cred:
The Millennial MentorTM
Has his own TV show (GATV) 
Managing Director, TYG Consulting 
Global Thought Leader
Advised Fortune 500 Firms (PwC)
Founder & Chairman (iStandAbove)
TedTalk Keynote (3 Steps to Greatness)

Street Cred:
Played football & ran track at USC
Featured by “Most Attractive Employers” (WSJ) 
Chief Diversity Officer, State Street
Led National Recruiting @
Bank of America (Retail Branches)
Foster & Francisco (Owner, Boutique Firm)
Veritude (a Fidelity Company)

Street Cred:
Played tight end for two NFL teams
Past president of ALPFA 
  • greg_clarkin

    “Yuemey is onto something critical. Young professionals simply want to belong, to share a sense of purpose, and to build authentic relationships with amazing people – which creates happy, productive teams. And that drives employer brands and profitability.”

    Greg Clarkin

    Senior Talent Specialist - Kayak
  • Nurys Camargo

    “Yuemey is taking an approach that no one else even comes close to by automating the entire employee engagement process, especially with features like Live Events to keep employees connected and motivated on the road. Business owners can finally rest well at night!”

    Nurys Camargo

    Regional Director - AT&T
  • Amitabh

    “CEO’s and executives approach me regularly about their needs to inspire young professionals. Yuemey’s use of A.I. and Kaya will revolutionize how companies empower young professionals to shape their cultures, strengthen communities, and make a global impact.”

    Amitabh Shah 

    Chief Inspiration Officer - YUVA Unstoppable
  • Ann Ulett

    “Yuemey is literally a dream solution for global companies that need a way to automate tailored connections so every employee can foster relationships with teams and colleagues who share similar interests, goals and career paths.”

    Ann Ulett  

    Tax Talent Manager - PwC

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