Empowering students with interactive career discovery and wellness sessions through digital content.

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Finally, a solution to a $2.3t challenge.

Yuemey utilizes digital content to help students discover career paths and advance through wellness. Our interactive career and wellness sessions, gamified profiles and real-time analytics are powered by machine learning, matching students’ interests with next steps and suggested actions. Students who learn about career fields through technology are 50% more likely to feel confident in their abilities to succeed, which positively affects their academics, leadership and life outcomes. Our goal is to eliminate the $2.3t career deficit in US GDP by ensuring every student has a dream (Yuemey) to pursue. Dream? Yes, Yue may!.


Daily Career Discovery

We provide the ultimate experience to help students engage regularly with industry and discover career paths that fit their personal interests. Yuemey’s content rich career sessions enhance your school’s curriculum by introducing students to today’s leading companies and the problems they’re trying to solve. Career sessions are incorporated into the morning routine to build a habit of thinking about one's future and goals. Afternoon wellness sessions balance the day by teaching students how to reflect and manage their health and happiness, holistically. Yuemey is seamlessly integrated across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

how it works

Here's how it works:

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    Yuemey partners with companies and influencers to create our career and wellness content.

  2. 2

    Yuemey integrates with school databases, ensuring valid login, and linking of students' progress to profiles.

  3. 3

    Students receive an email with login information from their school to launch Yuemey and activate their profiles.

  4. 4

    Students launch Yuemey twice a day.

    • In the morning, students choose an interactive career topic and rate it.

    • Yuemey aggregates session data for each student and matches students’ interests with next steps and suggested actions.

    • In the afternoon, students participate in a wellness session.

  5. 5

    Yuemey aggregates data in real-time for schools and district leaders.

Student Profiles that tell their story

Our gamified profiles enrich students’ experiences by bringing their journeys to life, showcasing their accomplishments, goals, and dreams in a secure, transparent and fun way. Students are empowered to define their own sense of purpose, with a dedicated career engagement resume to share with friends, counselors, colleges and companies.

Automated Networking

Real-time Analytics

Yuemey enables schools and districts to measure career engagement, assess trends, learn their students’ interests, and make decisions in real-time. Our algorithm utilizes machine learning to suggest actions, enabling every school and district to adapt and evolve in ways that will most impact their learning community.

Rewards and recognition
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Technology enhanced learning that empowers your entire learning community.

Make learning fun, interactive and rewarding. By partnering with Yuemey, your students will feel confident in their abilities and futures, which positively affects their academics, leadership and life outcomes.


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