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Finally a solution to a $500b challenge.

Today, 70% of employees are disengaged at work because they don’t feel valued or connected. US Companies lose over $500b/yr in ROI, revenue, productivity, and turnover. This equates to a cost of $13,500 per employee. For large global companies this can result in losses of more than $1b/yr. The lack of engagement is a holistic issue, industry agnostic, affecting the entire ecosystem; companies, education, and communities. Yuemey (yu-meh) motivates people to feel fulfilled and inspired everyday by bringing them together with engaging content experiences and automated networking. Fulfilled, engaged employees increase their companies’ productivity (+41%), performance (+202%), and revenue growth over competitors (2.5x).


Daily Engagement

Motivate people to feel fulfilled and inspired everyday by bringing them together with engaging content experiences, including: video, information, and wellness sessions that drive teamwork, togetherness, and reward members for participation.

how it works

Here's how it works:

  1. 1

    Team members record a selfie style video.

  2. 2

    Select which video session you'd like to use.

  3. 3

    Invite team members via push notifications.

  4. 4

    Members participate in an interactive session, and earn points for rewards; an extra day of PTO, an all-inclusive vacation, a sponsored prize (a brand-new iPad or Surface), lunch with their mentor. We have an endless list of rewards that drive engagement.

    • During sessions, members can nominate themselves to host a video session simply by clicking on the +1 icon. Also, members can provide feedback on content and reward options they’d like to see, by selecting the “E+” icon.

    • They can also learn about each presenter by viewing their snap-shot profile at the end of each session.

  5. 5

    Data from the sessions aggregates in real-time, while team members have fun, and feel a better sense of belonging with your organization.

Automated Networking

We work in the background capturing specific data-points that our algorithm aggregates and uses to automate networking, driven by machine learning. Yuemey connects team members with the people they really should know, achieving the best results possible.

Automated Networking

Visual Profiles

Celebrate how team members contribute their time and make an impact. See how others get recognized for participation with badges, stickers, and rewards. And make work feel more like home, by creating what we call Emotional Equity (TM).

Rewards and recognition


Yuemey empowers customers to own their engagement strategy, including all the data. Our analytics feature captures live-aggregated data and suggested actions, so customers can make business decisions in real-time.

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Instant ROI, with daily engagement that rewards your entire organization.

Make work feel more like home and inspire people to bring their all. By partnering with Yuemey, your organization will experience an immediate increase in productivity, innovation, profit, teamwork, happiness, and motivation.

Meet the squad and Our Advisors

Co-Founder, CEO
Increased Engagement by
1,000% @ Brandeis University
45% (nationally) for ALPFA.org
35% @ Bentley University

Street Cred:
Performed at a RUN DMC concert
Board, Eastern Association of Colleges & Employers 
Co-Founder, CPO/CTO 
Created Mobile Products @
eBay (Ralph Lauren, Toys R Us, NFL.com)
Chase (Jott Mobile, Disney)
Comcast (Xfinity Home)

Street Cred:
Launched a sports SaaS company
Summited Mount Kilimanjaro  

Advisory Board

Chief Diversity Officer, State Street
Led National Recruiting @
Bank of America (Retail Branches)
Foster & Francisco (Owner, Boutique Firm)
Veritude (a Fidelity Company)

Street Cred:
Played tight end for two NFL teams
Past president of ALPFA 
Founder, Fownders 
Serial Entrepreneur
EliteDaily (Co-founded, Sold for $50M)
Fownders (Launched Accelerator)
@GerardAdams (300k+ Followers)

Street Cred:
The Millennial MentorTM
Has his own TV show (GATV) 
Managing Director, TYG Consulting 
Global Thought Leader
Advised Fortune 500 Firms (PwC)
Founder & Chairman (iStandAbove)
TedTalk Keynote (3 Steps to Greatness)

Street Cred:
Played football & ran track at USC
Featured by “Most Attractive Employers” (WSJ) 

See why people ❤ Yuemey

  • greg_clarkin

    “Yuemey is onto something critical. Young professionals simply want to belong, to share a sense of purpose, and to build authentic relationships with amazing people – which creates happy, productive teams. And that drives employer brands and profitability.”

    Greg Clarkin

    Senior Talent Specialist - Kayak
  • Nurys Camargo

    “Yuemey is taking an approach that no one else even comes close to by replacing manual processes with instant engagement, especially with features like video Q&A sessions to keep team members connected and motivated. Business owners can finally rest well at night!”

    Nurys Camargo

    Regional Director - AT&T
  • Amitabh

    “CEO’s and executives approach me regularly about their needs to inspire today’s professionals. Yuemey’s use of fun, gamified videos and rewards will revolutionize how companies empower people to shape their cultures, strengthen communities, and make a global impact.”

    Amitabh Shah 

    Chief Inspiration Officer - YUVA Unstoppable
  • Ann Ulett

    “Yuemey is literally a dream solution for global companies that need a modern way to engage every employee – and to reward them for it. This is exactly what we need to spark everyone’s drive to succeed, innovate and win for each other.”

    Ann Ulett  

    Tax Talent Manager - PwC

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Engaging content experiences that empower teams to have a better work day, every day.

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